We had a great idea

Every business begins with an idea. Turning great ideas into successful businesses requires the right team, the right strategic partnerships, the right experience and the right innovative leadership.

Westside Holdings is a new kind of business consulting firm that brings together all of these elements for our clients. Our team has excelled at the highest levels of corporate management — and we're now dedicated to helping others take their ideas to the next level of success.

Our Leadership

Westside Holdings' leadership is driven by a team that achieved success at the highest levels of corporate management, and is now passionate and dedicated to helping others build their dreams.

Mike Roberts, Founder & CEO

Mike Roberts is the principal owner of Westside Holdings LLC, and the former President and Chief Operations Officer for McDonald's Corporation. He also served on their Board of Directors. As President, Mr. Roberts was responsible for more than 31,000 restaurants in 118 countries. Before assuming this position in 2004, his previous positions at McDonald's Corporation included Chief Executive Officer, McDonald's USA; and President, West Division, McDonald's USA.

As President of McDonald's USA, Roberts' team developed the plan that turned the company around after it experienced its first-ever losing quarter in 2001. He later went on to lead the execution of his "Plan to Win" strategy on a global scale from 2004–2006. His determination for corporate responsibility, consumer relevance and strong operations helped achieve one of the biggest business and financial turnarounds in history.

Roberts serves as a director on the boards of W.W. Grainger Inc. (GWW) and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and is Vice Chairman of the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee.


Mike Donahue, President

Mike Donahue is the former Chief Communications and External Relations Officer for McDonald's USA, and is widely regarded throughout the business world and food industry for his business acumen, public relations and corporate reputation management successes. He continues to develop, drive and implement practical brand and reputation management solutions for Fortune 500 corporations, business leaders, high-profile celebrities and philanthropic organizations.

Donahue started and managed the first Social Responsibility Department for McDonald's, developing collaborative solutions for "hot" social, cultural and public policy issues. Donahue garnered widespread public and media attention for truly "telling the story" behind his client's commitment to socially responsible, value-based principles. He also helped manage the McDonald's Balanced Lifestyle initiatives, and pioneered the Go Active American Challenge, featuring Oprah's world-renowned personal trainer, Bob Greene — all focused on helping consumers achieve healthy and balanced lifestyles.


About Westside Holdings

It all started with an idea. We wanted to start a company with the team that rejuvenated one of the world's most recognized brands, and to use that experience to help build and navigate brands and ideas that we believe in — ones that are socially responsible, represent important causes and will make a real difference in the marketplace.

Westside Holdings is a team of experienced executives with successful track records in strategic business consulting and planning, including business, financial, operations, marketing, communications, governmental, consumer and public policy impacting expertise. As a result of our experience and success in brand and business building in the corporate arena, the Westside Holdings team is passionate about sharing our "purpose-driven / cause-related" business ethos with a select number of similarly situated partners and clients.

Our Services

More than just vision, it takes strategy to achieve success. This means a comprehensive brand offering positioned perfectly for the marketplace, with communication tactics that help you reach the right people.

Turning Your Idea into a Business

How do you take a great idea to the next level? You "Plan to Win." That means research, strategy, budgeting, organization — all focused on the end game, and all based on our decades of industry successes. We'll use our management and financial consulting capabilities to help you create a strong organizational foundation, built for future success.

  • "Plan to Win" Business Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Financial Consulting
  • Consumer Research / Insights
  • Organizational Architecture Support
  • Talent Recruitment

Defining Your Operations

How do you build a well-oiled machine? Strategically. We'll help you organize your supply channels and partners so that your organization can't help but breed efficiency.

  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Multi-channel Distribution Planning
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Developing Your Product Offering

How do you turn your idea into an offering? You listen to your potential customers. They will tell you what you need to know. After all, the market always decides. Your answers are in the research. We'll make sure your R&D asks the right questions, and help ensure every product development decision you make is economical and market-sensitive.

  • Product Development
  • R&D Support
  • Consumer Testing Knowledge
  • Product Packaging Expertise

Creating Consumer Relevance

Finally, our job is to convince the world that what we're doing is good — and get them to be a part of it. This isn't a single step. It's an ongoing pursuit. It requires brand management, dedication to social responsibility and consistent management of your public perception, through external communications strategies and internal alignment.

  • Brand Essence Development
  • Social Responsibility / Cause-Related Planning
  • Reputation / Issues Management for Today's Consumer
  • Marketing / Communications / PR Consulting
  • Influencer / Stakeholder Relationship Development

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